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SDS Grand Cross Fast Reroll

At this guide I will let you know how to do fast reroll on SDS Grand Cross without need to root your device or clear game data. This will help you spend less time to start the game with your favourite SSR character.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fast Reroll in SDS Grand Cross :

  1. After finishing tutorial for summon pull, you will go to world map and start a battle, at this battle you can escape and skip the town tutorial.
  2. Tap the pause button on top-right corner and choose the red option to finish the battle.
  3. Now you can go to summon and use 11x summon and 1x summon.
  4. If you got nothing good this time, you can go to setting and following this image number to be able reset your account and start rerolling again from beginning.

Good Luck on your reroll!