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SDS Grand Cross Newbie Guide

Hi everyone, in this guide I will mention several important thing that you have to know about this game, this guide intended for new player to help build up the character or team in this SDS Grand Cross game.

  1. Tutorial Gacha will always give you 1 SSR, so you just need reroll and get 1 of 5 SSR you need for your team. Here is the list of 5 SSR that you can get from the initial or tutorial gacha :

  2. You can unlock your character Passive Skill if he/she hits 16k CP. This will boost a lot of your team combat power, so make sure to unlock your main team rooster passive skills!
  3. If you have spare materials, level up and max out your Blue Meliodas SR and Red Ban SR to UR, you will need this two character for Story Progress, without them, you will not be able clear the story!
  4. Whenever you got dupes on summon, you will obtain a coin based on the rarity. You can use them on Coin Shop, where SR Coin can exchange with normal SSR Unit, meanwhile SSR Coin can be used to exchange with exclusive SSR unit that not obtainable from gacha / summon.

  5. There are 2 exclusive character that you can obtainable by clearing story quest. You can obtain them on Story Quest 25 for King, Sin of Sloth and Story Quest 39 for Diane, Sin of Lust. Don’t waste your SSR Coin for this two character on the Coin Shop!

  6. Every Character have their Special Combination Skill, they have special effects that can turn the table in your fight. And you need to bring two of them together on your formation to be able trigger it. Example : Forest Guardian King & Fighter Diane.

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